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Alternative to helium - Monday, April 1, 2013

 Helium shortage world wide, and costs going up, we have a cost affective way to carry on your balloon business, look at balloon frames and columns, fill all ballons with air, almost free, and the balloons stay up longer.


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Wedding car decoration - Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Car Ribbon & Bows Kit.


First have some scissors, and tape handy.

If you have a mascot on the front of the car, this is great, if not lift the bonnet and find a centre section to fasten to, (bonnet catch)don’t fasten to any wire, alternatively the front bumper if space available. 

Find the middle of your ribbon and fasten to one of the above.

Open front drivers door, drop the sun visor and pass the ribbon around the small bar holding visor in place, then tie.

Don’t have the ribbon to loose as this will rattle in the wind as you drive.

Don’t pass through window as a snapping ribbon on the way to the wedding is not good.

Repeat on passenger side door and visor.

Check fastenings, wrap the excess ribbon up, and tuck behind sun visor.



Pull bows are easy to make, find the small sections of bow running through the pull bow,

Hold one end and pull, once bow arranged, tie a knot, not to tight.

Repeat till you have all your bows, then fasten to handles, mirrors, and front of car where ribbon attached.

You can either trim the bows tassels, or curl like balloon curling ribbon and trim.

Double check all, take some tape with you just in case its needed.

Enjoy the day.


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Balloon Table Display - Wednesday, July 4, 2012

 Making  A Balloon Table Decoration

Hello, and thank you for purchasing one of our balloon kits.

First of all children should always be supervised when using or playing with balloons.

If you have problems please email us and we will be happy to help.


Let’s  get started.

To get your table decoration looking its best, balloons should be inflated to the same size, use some cardboard as a template, cutting a hole to the size of balloon your using.





1. Inflate 2 balloons and tie together .                      



Tip: Blow 2 balloons up, then tie together, don't just tie one at a time.

2.Twist 2 pairs together.                           



3. Inflate and twist together  all 4 sets of 4









4. Place first set down and place next set on top, tie together firmly with line, then the next and next, watching that the line of balloons follow around in a spiral.




5. Now we have our base,

Inflate your balloon topper, tie line to your balloon and  base. You can use a straw to inflate foil balloon. Dress with ribbons provided.



If in windy outside  conditions, tie a partially filled water  balloon to  the base, fill with rice or water.

Always supervise children when using balloons.










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